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Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Shooting EDELSTERN at Beelitz Heilstätten

Have a sneak peak behind the scene while I was shooting the german band EDELSTERN in Germany near Berlin.

Every year I am going to Germany I usually do a photo shoot with my brothers band. Before I went to settle down in Thailand I used to do a lot of photography on stage and concerts. Coming to Germany basically once a year the family is the main focus and it leaves me very little time for this kind of photography. The year before we worked hard for a single image with a great result for EDELSTERN. The location was the nostalgic freemasons Grand Landlodge in Berlin Dahlem.

We somehow wanted to tie up with this concept and organized the former Sanatorium Beelitzer Heilstätten near Berlin as the new location for the shooting this year. The band had decide to switch to color. Costumes where already ordered.

Built in 1898 the sanatorium became a military hospital for the Russian Red Army after World War II before it was shut down in 1994. The unique facilities are a great photo location even as a subject of its own.

Bastian Lee Jones did most of the motion picture capture. Thank you so much buddy. I just wish your camera would provide a better picture quality. Resolution is not everything...;) Anyway you did a great job to absorb the feeling at the set. We all appreciate your good work.

I also wish to thank my associate Antje Liepold who did a great job to support this shooting.

Not to forget the delicious catering provided by the Krenz family. Good food is so important indeed. Thank you so much.
Thanks a lot to the make up artist  Armin Otto who made everybody look good. Even if a single eyelash of the lead singer lady was not straight which has need to be fixed in Photoshop. Never mind Armin, I am pretty sure you are used to this kind of girls behavior ;)

We picked up the rental gear at Foto Hess in Berlin Charlottenburg and reached the location in the late morning.While the band got in the costumes and received a new face from the make up artist I had the time to inspect the location. Soon I figured the stage with its Gothic window in the background as the most impressive spot. There was an old piano abandonment in the hall. A prop I did not want to miss.

I was shooting with a fixed composition from my tripod and did one shot of the scene without people in addition. This gave me the opportunity to change persons ore faces from another captured frame of the same session. It ai´nt easy to get 4 people looking perfect at the same time.

For the group shot on stage as well for the portraits I changed my tactic. Free hand with the longer lens was more appropriate. Standing in a group everybody of the band members was busy to arrange its hair or straiten out the costume every once and a while. With the moving going on for this reason it would have been impossible to shot from a tripod and keep the approximate distance between each subject all the time.

The same applies for the portraits.

Since EDELSTERN has been working with photographers many times before they did a very professional job. It was my pleasure. We looking forward to our 2015 photo shoot at the middle of the year. A new concept is already worked out with several locations in mind and I am previously excited.

Contrary to our last year shooting the band was in need of more then just a single photograph. So it became a hard working session for everyone since we were shooting on 3 different sets.. Still we achieved great results again. With such a long session over the whole day quality suffers at the end. Nobodies fault but humans have their limits.

Finally I do not want to detain the final results. I would say: "great shots after such a jumbled day."

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