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Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Laos with Markus and Jimmi

It almost has become a habit to go on a tour somewhere in Asia with Markus once a year.

To go on a tour driving a 35 years old truck may be a different experience for someone to look at. Either fear the risk and possible loss of time while traveling on a tight schedule. Or love the adventure and master the challenge of such a trip.

I consider Laos a very unique country. Somehow a 20 years time travel back in history compared to Thailand. Supposedly this will not remain for too long. The roads where in very bad condition at some sections of our trip. The worst was a construction side with a 100 km length.

The weather in the mountains has been freezing cold. Temperature sometimes dropped down to 0° at night. Not only the farmer where burning there rice and sugar cane fields but every household was making a fire in the morning and evening. The pollution was terrible.

Laos is definitely a great country for landscape and people photography. But maybe not at this time of the year. I am really looking forward to go back alone on a motorbike to enter some remote spots in the mountains.

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