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Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

Taking Marco to the "GREAT LAKE"

Marco owns a house in Sukhothai. Any time he comes for a visit we meet for a coffee and a chat. I told him about the great lake about 60 km away from Sukhothai and of course he ask me to take him on a tour.

We went very early to be there when the sun will rise and I had a big boat organized.

To bad the boat driver did not show up. You can not rely on anybody in the countryside.

Luckily the water level was very low which had clear a path to a little peninsula and offered us happy shooting.

and that´s what Marco says:

"Following complaints from myself and Robert Collins that the "mountains"Andreas Minge takes you to when on a photoshoot around Sukhothai are not much more than bumps in a road, Andreas is scouting new locations and I must say I think he's come up with the goods here. Granted, we are not in the Himalayas, but for Thailand this ain't bad at all. The problem with shooting during this season is that the rice farmers burn the old fields and this creates a flat light haze that the best photoshopper can't penetrate. So we got up at 5am to get to this place and we managed to catch some reasonable light before the haze washed everything over again. If you want to know where these are taken get in touch with Andreas and he will be happy to take you there (for a well deserved fee obviously!)"